​In most circumstances the best initial interaction is to complete an evaluation of your shop and provide you with a report outlining the biggest areas of opportunity. During this 2 &1/2 day evaluation we will find and implement multiple small instant improvements that will provide an immediate small return on investment.


​The key to running a successful shop starts with having a qualified team of estimators who are aware of your customers needs and are providing support to your technicians. A typical area of improvement in a shop is communication between the estimator and the customer or technician. A custom tailored estimator training program can be developed to support your business objectives.​​


Everything on earth is in a constant state of change. Process Improvement from iMPACTams is based on the theory that what we develop today might need tweaked tomorrow to keep up with industry changes. After an evaluation we can work with your management team to develop a rock solid process improvement plan for your shop.


We offer a full service menu of programs to meet the needs of any collision center. Our typical client is a new car dealership with a struggling or underperforming shop. However we do work with strong running operations on making better decisions and getting stronger in the market.